Final Outcome

For my final outcome of the navigate project I decided to make a timeline of London architecture which would start as a concertina book and turn into a poster.  Each building I have drawn individually and then scanned onto the computer and added colour using illustrator.

skyline and front cover
When folded the skyline part is the concertina book
the poster

I like how I used illustrator in this work as it means that each building can be a separate colour but the lines can still be sharp and bold meaning that they stand out against the background.  Also It meant that the writing could go around the buildings where as if it was in a straight line the writing would not have fit where I wanted it.  I think that the poster could be improved by adding facts about each building so that it was more informative.


Line Drawings

PhotoScan (2) PhotoScan (3) PhotoScan (4) PhotoScan (5) PhotoScan (6) PhotoScan (7) PhotoScan (8) PhotoScan (9) PhotoScan (10) PhotoScan (10)-001 PhotoScan (11) PhotoScan (11)-001 PhotoScan (12) PhotoScan (12)-001 PhotoScan (13) PhotoScan (13)-001 PhotoScan (14) PhotoScan (15) PhotoScan (16) PhotoScanlondon collage 2 london collage walkie talkie collage

These are 23 pieces I did in response to a news article from The Guardian, which was based on The Cheesegrater Building in London and how bolts were falling from it.  The first few images were directly related to this, however I then moved onto other buildings mentioned in the article and other London buildings.  These works include line drawings, tonal drawings, collage, acetate, watercolour, colour (pen) and monoprints.


tracing images

We had a workshop where we were taught how to use illustrator.  To learn how to use the basic tools we had to trace round shapes.

Then using the techniques learnt, I added colour and text to one of my line drawings: The Cheesegrater.  I liked working with illustrator therefore I may use it in my final outcome for navigate.

illustrator building

Sweet Traditions

For my final outcome of the event project I decided to create menu cards which would go in a box with stickers and a candy cane and chocolate. I think that the final work looks good as the packaging and objects all match in colour and design which makes it look more professional. This effect is also given by the acetate window that I created so that the customer would be able to see what was in the box from a distance to make it look more enticing. The illustrations on the card I think worked well, however where I edited the background out of some of them I accidentally took out a few lines, therefore this could be improved.

IMG_1195 IMG_1196 IMG_1200

Kendyll Hillegas

Hillegas’ illustrations focus on ‘portrait-like depictions of food and everyday objects’.  One of the works that I like the most is her drawing of strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake

With each colour she has used a range of tones which creates a sense of realism and depth.  For example, the strawberries look as if they are glistening as are really fresh.  The composition is busy and the food is layered up which I think shows that this is one of her favourite desserts.  With reference to her illustrations being ‘portrait- like depictions’  I feel that this work isn’t completely life-like.  For example, the ice cream doesn’t look as if it is melting.  I think that if she had done this then she couldn’t have created a sense of subtle movement which would have added more interest within the work.  She says that she is inspired through objects in her everyday routine and that behind every work there is a story.  I think that this makes her work very personal as the viewer cannot actually tell the story through observing the work and is creating a connection to herself.

Food Illustrations

I used watercolour  and pen to draw traditional Christmas foods from around the world.  I think that these worked quite well as they are quite simple drawings where I have used limited colours and just enough detail to portray the texture of each food.  As these have worked well I have decided that I am going to more food illustrations and to base my final outcome on these illustrations by making food cards that will act as a menu, saying what each food is.

IMG_1177 IMG_1176


Christmas Card

christmasI created a card which included all the traditional things about Christmas; a Christmas tree, stars and snowflakes.  However I didn’t decide to use this as part of my exhibition as the idea seemed too cliché.

Laura Barnard

Whilst I was doing my work for the exhibition based on Christmas in London I researched illustrators which had drawn line drawings of London.  Laura Barnard is an illustrator who draws cityscapes.  Below are my two favourite pieces:

MRops Web Illustrations

This was designed for the new MRops website (a global research company).  I like her style of line drawing as it emphasises the patterns and details of the buildings which creates depth within the work.  The busy composition and the subject matter I think represent their strength as a company as they are showing the tops of the skyscrapers and famous business buildings.

However I don’t feel that the work reflects the idea that this is a global company and therefore would represent the company better if buildings were included from other strong business countries.

Whistle & Flute

This illustration was designed for Ted Baker’s Whistle & Flute plush suit book.  I like how Barnard has used a thin black line which creates an appearance of delicacy and the lines are neat and precise which reflects the brand and the idea that these are ‘the best suits’.  However I think that the typography could be both to make it more obvious and to advertise the brand better.


This work started as a line drawing with no colour apart from some gold gem stickers.  However I then experimented with adding colour in photoshop to create a night time effect.


However I felt that it didn’t look very realistic. Therefore I traced the outline of the building into dots on acetate and then layered it onto the drawing.   I then added a red and white ribbon to emphasise the idea of Christmas and Harrods being one of the main shops in London.