Fashion and Textiles – Macro-Evolutionary

For the fashion and textiles project the brief was that there was ‘There has been a sudden and irreversible environmental disaster of epic proportions! It has polluted every single particle of this planet. Every living creature, man and beast, has had to adapt or DIE. 100,000* years has now passed – (* the amount of years is up to you). Although humans have survived, we have had to evolve, all that was familiar has gone, we must now look to ingenuity in the way we survive. Think about ways in which the human form may have to evolve in order to survive and to function in your possible utopian or dystopian brave new world.’ 

So, for my environmental disaster I came up with this synopsis;

For thousands of years a volcano was dormant, until the molten rock flowed into the magma chamber, causing so much pressure that it blasted through the roof of the volcano causing a super eruption.  This led to a volcanic ash cloud, with dust being carried around the world.  This ash blocked the sun and so the world became dark and the temperature fell, making it a very cool place.  Our homes were destroyed, crops demolished, and everything was covered in layers of ash.  Now, years later, we live underground in the caves created by the lava.  Water trickles down from above, however, to get food we need to venture out.  But the temperature is still cool and it is hard to see, therefore we have to wear a body adornment for warmth and light.

For my idea I originally decided to make a mask so that the ash would not get in people’s eyes and they would not breathe it in.  However when I started to make this out of wire it did not work that well and changed by idea to making a poncho.  My idea was adapted further to make it less functional and more of a body adornment and so I pinned the poncho up and the end result was a shoulder adornment with lights sewn into the bottom.

Here is what I made:

body adornment



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