Lucy McRae

bubelle 1 bubelle 2Lucy McRae is in her words is ‘a body architect’. She explains this as something that covers everything she does, innovations taking inspiration from biology/science, ballet, architecture and interior design. The fact that she made this name up for convenience means that there is no one like her and she is not expected to stick to a certain path and be experimental. This has led to ideas that are unusual and have never been seen before. A few of her inventions include the Bubelle dress and a pill that when swallowed created and individually scented body odour.

Her Bubelle dress, she invented when part of the Philips Design Probes Team in 2007. The idea for this dress was to look at fashion 20 years into the future and how it would change from functional clothing to emotional clothing. It has two layers; the first has biometric sensors which detect a person’s emotion and then project these into colours on the second layer.  Therefore, bringing emotions to the surface. I like the fact that she is thinking about how fashion would look like in 2020 as it means that the idea is completely imaginary and therefore original. I am interested in how this dress was invented as it shows emotions at that moment in time, straight away, therefore making a personal type of clothing that people can use as part of their self-identity. I like how she transports us into another time, another world, which we have not yet experienced as it makes me think about what fashion would actually be like in 20 years’ time. By using her experiences and interests to make one dress she has created a complex idea which seems new and amazing, especially transforming emotions into glowing lights, creating individuality for the wearer.  The thing I like most about the Bubelle dress is that the material used makes it look intricate and delicate which reflects the idea that it is a visual representation of emotions.  Although I am interested by her, I do feel that the shape reminds me a bit of a jellyfish rather than something that would actually be worn in the future. In addition the shapes are a bit too unusual and look as if they would be restrictive.

I was inspired by how McRae photographed her bubelle dress as I used lights in my project and so it helped me come up with an idea of photographing it in a dimly lit room to convey the idea that the body adornment would light the wearer up as well as the space around them as I originally wrote in my synopsis.

Links I used include:

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