Lori Ellison

Lori Ellison is an American artist who is known for her intricate, yet quite intense patterns.  The two main materials she uses are gouache on wood, and ballpoint pen on lined notepad paper.  She believes that work on a smaller scale is more intimate and helps the viewer engage more, which is why most of her work are around 12 by 9 inches.  Her pattern work is made up from geometric shapes, including; triangles, diamonds, circles, chess board effects and straight lines. I like  how Ellison uses lined notepad paper and it makes me think of the doodles of a student rather than an artist, which I am sure would make some viewers remember experiences of school.

Below are my three favourite pieces by Lori Ellison:


I think this piece is interesting as the circles go around the whole piece of wood creating a border and then gradually swirl into the middle of the work, which I think creates a sense of rhythm.  This reminds me of a really long necklace, with the circles as beads.  I like the use of gouache as the colours are bold, a bit like the colour of precious gems.

untitledIn this piece, I like the fact that two tones of purple have been used as they contrast well against one another, especially the use of lilac to create a border.  Also I like how she has used a range of sizes for the circles and how they get smaller to form the circles.  It is interesting how the use of triangles is contrasted by the swirly lines made with, creating a sense of movement.  These shapes also remind me of rows of bunting or the same experience as when you look through a kaleidoscope.  I think that this work would look even better if more tones of purple were used to create a more interesting piece.

Ellison_LE10199I am intrigued by this work as she has drawn patterns within patterns, therefore making it more complex and adding another dimension in comparison to some of her other works.  In addition, the background varies in tones across the work, with a lighter green on the left and splodges of darker green throughout, gradually getting darker towards the right.  I also like how the triangles rotate and so do the patterns, which create a sense of movement.

Websites I used to research Lori Ellison:






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