Visual Communication

For the visual communication project we first had to come up with a system that we would base the rest of our work on.  The system that I chose was music.  I believe that this is connected to systems as there is a certain way and process of learning how to play the piano learning a particular piece.  For example, you learn the notes and rhythm first and the dynamics and interpretation last.  Therefore, the end result of this system will be different for each person depending on how they interpret the notes.  This is related to the text I used (‘not just a string of notes’) as once the notes are learnt they are interpreted to create the overall effect of a piece.

I had to explore my system typographically and come up with 4 explorations, here are mine:

ScalesTreble clefinterpretation of notesNot just a string of notes

Next, I had to come up with 4 collage explorations by using images and magazines; 1 3D, 1 cut, 1 with drawing/painting and 1 other.

3D collagecollage 1beach girl collagesilhouette collage

For my final outcome I needed to combine the typography with the collage to create 2 A3 outcomes.  I used the beach and silhouette collages and the ‘Not Just a String of Notes’ text.

not just a string of notes beachnot just a string of notes silhouette

I feel that my outcomes communicate my system clearly due to lots of imagery related to music and the imagery relates directly to the text.  I also like how the text is in an informal, fancy font which gives off a more musical theme.  However, in relation to the text, on the second outcome the writing was slightly harder to see than the first due to the black writing being on a dark background.  Therefore, to improve my work I would change the text colour to white so that it stands out more and communicates the message even clearer.


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