Typography 2

I had to find quotes related to Guildford and then had to create 8 different A4 typographic responses:

I like this font as I feel that it is decorative and therefore reflecting the function of G Live as an auditorium.
I feel that this font is more fun and playful than others I have used to convey the idea that Guildford Spectrum is a fun place for kids.
Here I have created the text out of pattern and no outline which creates the idea of history and ‘fading away’, underneath ‘historic’ the text is in bold capitals to give a more serious tone to reflect the history of Guildford Castle
This is my response to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, I have an unordered composition to as I was experimenting with letraset. I feel that this is a serious font which would be used to advertise productions.
This is another I created using lectraset. Instead of transferring the letters I made the letters out of the dashes leftover which gives a more original and sketchy feel to the text.
-Guildford Lido – I like the composition of this piece as I have used all of the space as it goes onto two lines and have used a mix of drawn writing and collage.
– Guildford Cathedral – I like the composition of this piece as it is not just a straight line of texts which makes me think of singing and rhythm in churches. I also feel that the text is decorative and therefore like the word from the quote, makes it seem more spectacular.
I created this composition to reflect all of the main attractions in Guildford, therefore I have used different fonts for each place. I like the use of white on black as it contrasts well and makes the fonts seem sharper/smoother depending on the word.

I think that these pieces all work well as the font I have chosen for each reflects the place talked about in the quote.  However my favourite is  the one reflecting Guildford Lido as I have used the whole paper and the two different fonts to show the fun aspect for kids.


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