Acetate images

To develop primary and secondary images of Guildford I drew them onto acetate using permanent marker.  I then layered some of these images to create a ‘busy town’ appearance. I also experimented with putting different coloured backgrounds behind the acetate as these also changed the colour of the pen.  I also painted into one of them on the back so that the lines were still bold and visible, and I also used collage.

Scan 1
I added yellow paint to this work. I think that this is one of the more effective works as the two colours used contrast against each other and make the patterns stand out.
I think that this is the most effective work that I have used paint in as I have used a range of colours and the acrylic paint is bright and shiny on the acetate which is more effective than it would if I have painted this on paper. It is also good how I have used a sharp outline which makes the detail stand out.
I think that this work is the one that is the least effective. This is because the background is dull and makes the line drawing blend into it. Therefore brighter colours make this drawing stand out more.
With this work I think that the blue background creates and interesting effect to the line drawing. This is because it makes the lines darker and creates a feeling of darkness, therefore transforming this work to ‘night time in Guildford’.
Here I have used type behind the acetate. However I think that there are problems with legibility as some of the letters blend into others and it is also harder to read as a result of the composition filling the whole page. However, I do like how the black writing contrasts against the pink lines and that it still looks like the type is in front of the drawing when it actually isn’t.
I think that layering the buildings on top of one another works well as it creates depth within the work.
Collaging the acetate line drawings with the primary images works well as it creates more depth within the work and gives the buildings a decorative feel with the added pattern

IMG_3184 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3188 PhotoScan (8) PhotoScan (9)


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