Zines are small magazines which are self-published at a low cost to promote their work.

An example of an artist I have found who has creates zines is Jen Collins.  She created ‘Sleeping on the Sleeper zines’ (2012) which were designed in response to places that she had travelled to or spent the day at in order to document her journey and experiences.  I am interested by her work as she has created a collection of zines which are all related in a small way – by her mode of transport.  The idea that this is a series is further emphasised by that fact that she has used the same illustrative style and typography, as well as using pale, pastel colours that blend well together.  I like her style of drawing as it reflects the idea that she was constantly moving and drawing from observation with perhaps limited time.

Jen Collins - Sleeping on the Sleeper'
Jen Collins – Sleeping on the Sleeper’

Another example is Nobrow which is an independent magazine which was developed in order to promote original work including graphics and illustration in the UK and globally.  It produces limited editions, selling a limited number of 3000 prints for each issue.  My favourite cover is the third issue of Nobrow magazine.  This is because I am interested by the bright colours and pattern used as they create a more abstract and decorative feel. It is clever how the plants and greenery in the background creates a busy composition to contrast against the owl which in comparison uses a limited number of more subtle colours so that the bright eyes stand out and are engaging with the viewer.

Nobrow Magazine Issue 3
Nobrow Magazine Issue 3

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