Final journey book

IMG_1127 IMG_1128I created a concertina book which was based on my journey around Guildford town. I felt that this book was the best style at as it reflects the idea that this was a continuous journey and therefore the viewers eye will view the images in the same order as me. I drew the line drawings using pen and pencil and then scanned them onto the computer and edited them in Photoshop. I did this my making all of the lines darker and therefore sharper. This also gave consistency across the drawings to give a more digital appearance rather than hand drawn. I also added colour to my images using Photoshop. However I used a limited number of mostly pale colours which created similarity within each image. I think that my book could have been improved by adding more informative text at it would give a clearer narrative of my journey rather than my observations and how I felt. I also feel that it would have looked better overall if I had printed it on card rather than paper so that it would have cleaner folds and stand up better, therefore working better as a concertina style book.



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