Kendyll Hillegas

Hillegas’ illustrations focus on ‘portrait-like depictions of food and everyday objects’.  One of the works that I like the most is her drawing of strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake

With each colour she has used a range of tones which creates a sense of realism and depth.  For example, the strawberries look as if they are glistening as are really fresh.  The composition is busy and the food is layered up which I think shows that this is one of her favourite desserts.  With reference to her illustrations being ‘portrait- like depictions’  I feel that this work isn’t completely life-like.  For example, the ice cream doesn’t look as if it is melting.  I think that if she had done this then she couldn’t have created a sense of subtle movement which would have added more interest within the work.  She says that she is inspired through objects in her everyday routine and that behind every work there is a story.  I think that this makes her work very personal as the viewer cannot actually tell the story through observing the work and is creating a connection to herself.


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