Laura Barnard

Whilst I was doing my work for the exhibition based on Christmas in London I researched illustrators which had drawn line drawings of London.  Laura Barnard is an illustrator who draws cityscapes.  Below are my two favourite pieces:

MRops Web Illustrations

This was designed for the new MRops website (a global research company).  I like her style of line drawing as it emphasises the patterns and details of the buildings which creates depth within the work.  The busy composition and the subject matter I think represent their strength as a company as they are showing the tops of the skyscrapers and famous business buildings.

However I don’t feel that the work reflects the idea that this is a global company and therefore would represent the company better if buildings were included from other strong business countries.

Whistle & Flute

This illustration was designed for Ted Baker’s Whistle & Flute plush suit book.  I like how Barnard has used a thin black line which creates an appearance of delicacy and the lines are neat and precise which reflects the brand and the idea that these are ‘the best suits’.  However I think that the typography could be both to make it more obvious and to advertise the brand better.


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