I drew a cupcake and related this to my theme of Christmas by making the icing into the shape of a Christmas tree.  I then scanned this into photoshop and added colour.  However the shape didn’t look quite right as so I drew another one and edited the shape.    I then made this into a 3D pop up piece which I think worked well as the case was made out of tissue paper which was already 3D.  However I feel that I could have made the shape of the cupcake more realistic as the cake and icing look too flat in contrast to the cupcake case.



Drawings on Acrylic

First, I experimented with mixing the 3 primary colours to come up with a colour scheme to use.  I created two A2 sheets of different coloured and sized shapes using acrylic paint.  The colours I used were: blue, turquoise and green, and red, green and blue.  Then, from secondary images of London, I drew pictures onto the paint using black biro and white pen so that the images were simplified to just two colours so that they were easier to make lino cuts from.  The drawing that I think is the most effective is where I have written ‘winter’ on the red with white pen as the colours contrast well against one another and reflects the idea of Christmas.

IMG_1140 IMG_1141

Lino Cut

This week we had to make a lino cut from an image we had found based on our chosen event. Therefore I chose Big Ben as I thought that I could add lots of detail which would give a sharp, pattern effect.  I think that the black ink works well as it contrasts against the white paper and creates a night time effect which represents New Years Eve well.  However I think that the print on blue paper works best at giving the effect of darkness as well as the cold weather that winter represents.

IMG_3237 IMG_3239


IMG_3233For a mini pop up exhibition I had to create 6 pieces of work; 3 2D and 3 3D. The event that my work was based on is ‘Winter in London’ as I felt that this could include events that happen in the month of December, including Christmas and New Year. I feel that my work could be made more lateral by researching how other countries celebrate this time of year. I also think that I could have used more materials and techniques, for example, photography, collage, mono prints and Lino cuts to add more variety.  I think that the work that was the most effective was the 3D one of big ben with the surrounding buildings and fireworks behind as I have created depth which makes it seem like this is what the viewer watching the fireworks.


Final journey book

IMG_1127 IMG_1128I created a concertina book which was based on my journey around Guildford town. I felt that this book was the best style at as it reflects the idea that this was a continuous journey and therefore the viewers eye will view the images in the same order as me. I drew the line drawings using pen and pencil and then scanned them onto the computer and edited them in Photoshop. I did this my making all of the lines darker and therefore sharper. This also gave consistency across the drawings to give a more digital appearance rather than hand drawn. I also added colour to my images using Photoshop. However I used a limited number of mostly pale colours which created similarity within each image. I think that my book could have been improved by adding more informative text at it would give a clearer narrative of my journey rather than my observations and how I felt. I also feel that it would have looked better overall if I had printed it on card rather than paper so that it would have cleaner folds and stand up better, therefore working better as a concertina style book.


Book Art

In response to research into book art I had to make some 3D art and also draw into pages from books in order to change their meaning.  I did this by crossing through or making lines decorative so that the words left made a new sentence

IMG_1096  IMG_1104 IMG_1103 IMG_1102 IMG_1101PhotoScan (5) PhotoScan (5)-001 PhotoScan (6) PhotoScan (6)-001 PhotoScan (7)

Book Art

Book art is work that has been made using books/text from books.  This could be by changing the format of an ordinary book into a 3D composition or changing the  text.

An artist I have found who creates very intriguing book art is Su Blackwell who creates scenes within a book which are influenced by the book that the work is created in.

My favourite piece is ‘The Shell Seekers’ 2014, this is because she has carved the sculpture out of the paper so that it no longer looks like paper and more like the texture of snow. The use of light in this work is clever as it creates a contrast against the paper (outside environment) and the warmth of the house, which creates a personal and intimate feel. I feel that this creates theatre within the work like a winter scene. Therefore I feel that this is accurately conveyed the scene in a book which is how the reader would imagine it and reflecting the whole book in this one scene.

The Shell Seekers
The Shell Seekers

Another artist is Isaac Salazar who makes work from folding books, which is usually making words. He has said that “Being able to give books a new life is a wonderful feeling” as he is taking something old and un-used and adapting it into something present and up to date.

The work that I like the most is where he has cut the word ‘read’ into a book.  This is because is because it is slightly ironic how the message he is putting across is to read but he has adapted this book so that it is not readable. Out of all of his designs this work is the most legible as the word has only four letters and therefore is spread out across the pages unlike others which are too squashed together.